The Koran replaces the Bible at swearing-in oath

This is the title of a recent afa atricle found here

While most often I stand with AFA this I feel is a bit much, here is the response I sent to AFA;

“While I have read, forwarded, signed and boycotted nearly every AFA suggested email, This deal regarding Keith Ellison is ignorant. I am deeply offended and shocked that a Evagelical Christian NPO as AFA would stand on the “theological” ground as a reformed(if not secular) Jew (Prager). I must assume that the writers of the latest email know as little (or are just as biased) as Prager regarding Islam. Regardless of the fact that no one “remembers” thousands of Palestinian Christians(yes, Arab Christians, not just Muslims) being shot a buried by Zionists in the 40’s (and today for that matter), The Gospel is to show people Jesus, not legeslate religion. That leads to things such as Roman Catholicsm, The Church of England, and other historical blunders such as the Crusades; all in the name of Jesus. Moreover use by Prager of “single American-hating Muslim” and the quotation therof by AFA shows not only a lack of education regarding popular Islam and America(or simply a bias), but a lack of compassion toward the lost of Islam. Please seek to win the soul, not the fight. While as a SBC Pastor originally from MS, with graduate work and mission experience in Islam and Judaism; I do appriciate all that AFA does for this country. However, I will not write to my local leaders to legislate religion. I pray you don’t either. ”

While I desire to legislate morality if at all possible, to legislate religion is not Biblical. If we have Jerry Falwell as the President and the SBC Convention as Congress it will not make America a Christian Nation, any more than making Bin Laden President will make America a Muslim Nation. Jesus Christ builds His Church, not Bush, Clinton, or the AFA. It is only through repentance and faith in the Gospel that any nation will be “Christian.” This will not occur until the fullness of th Kingdom.


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2 Responses to The Koran replaces the Bible at swearing-in oath

  1. D. A. Stevens says:

    Way to go! The thought of Jerry Falwell being President gives me a funny felling in my stomach. Christians in the WEST have brought American traditions and political ideas and mixed it with the truth of Scripture – the result is a religion of narrow and at times blinded views.

    God help us – God help me.

    I wonder if you will hear from AFA??


  2. D. A. Stevens says:

    Good Stuf! Keep it going Matt.

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