A Year of Silence…

My blog was dead this year, and for no small reasons. After a difficult church discipline that exploded in my face-for the glory of God; Chrissi and I found ourselves at a cold crossroads. Pregnant, alone, without much spiritual support (Praise be to the Maker who supplied us in every way from our distant families)-Abigail Ruth was born to us 11/17/2007. After over a week in the NICU due to underdeveloped lungs (a faith trial in itself) she came home with us after a solemn Thanksgiving. That winter yielded a cold heart in my soul and home. I felt like Elijah-standing alone, seeing God move, feeling forsaken in persecution. I became bitter toward my King, and ironically in bitterness returned to seminary in Louisville. We bought a home, started jobs, (I continue in part time work, this is an albatross above any Christian mans heart-which should desire to provide fully for his family) found a church home, and started school.


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Matt needs more Jesus...just like you. He writes to encourage thinking and the expansion of the Kingdom
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One Response to A Year of Silence…

  1. chadwick says:


    I’m speechless . . . I have experienced exactly what you have been through.

    I pray that you, Chrissi, and Abigail Ruth and are doing well.

    Please email me your new phone number and contact information.

    I hope Dr. Nettles likes the picture that you sent him! 😉


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