The Danger of Revival

I had a professor in seminary that once stated, “The wise pastor knows that after revival, sin, particularly sexual sin will arise in the church.” At the time I considered the most confounding statement. But I will confess that at the point of revival in my heart, Satan has crafted arrows of temptation and lewdness and his fired them at a heart open to the sensitivity of the Spirit. I have seen this in the churches I attended as well; in the last 8 years I have seen 5 moral failings among church leadership. And while this often led me to open my heart before my King in prayer and supplication, it is the open heart that was targeted by the sharp eye of the devil to lewdness and cynicism and bitterness and self righteous judgment. I say this both as a reminder to myself to be ever vigilant, but moreover to remind the body, ”You will be attacked, there is no ultimate safe house until you rest in the eternal Kingdom., knowing this-prepare for battle!” My earthly father has often reminded me, “The enemy doesn’t fight fair, but he does fight to the death.”


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Matt needs more Jesus...just like you. He writes to encourage thinking and the expansion of the Kingdom
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2 Responses to The Danger of Revival

  1. sweetcakes says:

    i miss your writing

  2. Poppy D says:

    Tim brister quotes Piper from Let the Nations be glad – “Life is war. That’s not all it is. But it is always that. Our weakness in prayer is owing largely to our neglect of this truth.” In a war there are always those who fall – God help us to help them – and God help us to avoid their landmine. We are always safe when we are filled with the knowledge of His will. If the enemy is fighting hard – we pary harder – submit more – step to the plate of preaching and fire back with the lovely truth of the gospel.

    Hang tough – the battle is not over – yet! Aslan in on the move!

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