a husband for Barbie…

Abbi, like many girls loves Barbie[i].  She has a lot of them, which is fine, until they started marrying each other.

I knew it was time for Barbie to get a husband.  Abbi had been requesting this for a while.

I know that the easy answer is Ken, but I just didn’t approve of this guy for Barbie Stevens-


No, Barbie needed a man without an entitlement mentality. A proper suitor would also have a job, be a man of principle, a protector, and a believer.  I spent a lot of time explaining to Abbi that Barbie is a special girl, and it’s my job as the head of our home to make sure that the man she marries glorifies God.

Ken  might be fun, he has cute cars, and plenty of matching clothes.  But at the end of the day, I was concerned if those things implied that Ken would have trouble being sacrificial to his wife and children, as those things are clearly part of a being a biblical head of household.

So off Corban and I went to find a husband for Barbie,  I thought it would be a difficult task, but much to my surprise-one suitor stood out head and shoulders from the rest.

He wasn’t a wrestler, who needs a high drama man?

He wasn’t a superhero, they always seem so good but have that one fatal flaw-Kryptonite, a vengeance issue, substance abuse, etc.

He wasn’t a mutant, vampire or werewolf, while that makes for an interesting concept-it would clearly lead to being unequally yoked.

The man that was to be Barbie’s husband, the man who was to provide leadership, protection, and provision was a man who understood hard times, commitment and faithfulness.

His name is Joe.


Joe has a respectable job as a soldier.  He knows when to fight and when to render aid.  He knows who is an enemy and who is an ally.  Joe can handle a weapon, and knows the difference of the battlefield, and the homefront.  Joe knows how to keep his oath, and will do so in marriage and to his Lord.

Abbi and I sat down, and went over the characteristics necessary for a godly husband, we discussed why these things are important. And why I approve of Joe  She knows even at 4, the type of man that meet my approval, and that these things are important…

And knowing my friends, is half the battle…

[i] No, I don’t think that Barbie alone will warp my daughters psyche towards inferiority as a woman.


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Matt needs more Jesus...just like you. He writes to encourage thinking and the expansion of the Kingdom
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