Can I ask a question at church? Uh, NO!!

This post will conclude a review of the 6 reasons people state they leave the church at about age 15.  These findings were a result of Barna’s research

The reasons are

We turn our attention now to Reason 6-

Reason #6 – The church feels unfriendly to those who doubt.
Young adults with Christian experience say the church is not a place that allows them to express doubts. They do not feel safe admitting that sometimes Christianity does not make sense. In addition, many feel that the church’s response to doubt is trivial. Some of the perceptions in this regard include not being able “to ask my most pressing life questions in church” (36%) and having “significant intellectual doubts about my faith” (23%). In a related theme of how churches struggle to help young adults who feel marginalized, about one out of every six young adults with a Christian background said their faith “does not help with depression or other emotional problems” they experience (18%).

OImagene of the most memorable examples of this surfaced when I was sitting with a group of volunteers, and the discussion of evolution came up and it’s (in)compatibility with Christianity.

One lady quickly stated, “Well, I see some validity to evolution which makes me doubt creation, but I just don’t want to talk about it, because you’ll all hate me”

It was interesting to attempt to encourage her that-

No-I didn’t hate her due to doubt.

Yes-It was ok to ask honest questions about areas of doubt in Christianity.

Similar to the issue of science/faith, questions raised by those who doubt, are often met with church ignorance…the church simply doesn’t know the answer, and it knows that it supposed to.

We are encouraged in 2 Tim 2:15 to

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

But to often we move away from the foundation of the study of Scripture and into the shallow end of boredom (See Reason 2).

We get caught up in maintaining the status quo, we forget to be light in darkness, the city on a hill, salt to heal.

Churches must esteem others higher than ourselves, we must reach out; not focus in.


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Matt needs more Jesus...just like you. He writes to encourage thinking and the expansion of the Kingdom
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7 Responses to Can I ask a question at church? Uh, NO!!

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  6. Robert Burke says:

    See for prophetic poetry and insight on many questions of the day regarding Modern Churchianity.

  7. Robert Burke says:

    Disabusing Theo-political Utopian Fantasies
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #7 of In That Day Teachings

    How did the world get to be so mind-enslaved,
    And in such a money mess?
    Well, let’s peel away the layers of false utopias,
    And you’ll see God’s truth best!

    The big Orwellian false utopia,
    Is a century of hidden progressive reign,
    The liberal’s destruction of all known,
    Western Enlightenment and truth’s gain.

    But how could a world,
    Be blind to all this?
    False Christian doctrine,
    Helped evil’s bliss!

    Four false Christian utopian schemes,
    Enabled progressive political lies!
    Broadcast Christian errors of supine ease,
    Enabled liberal, mind-shackle jive!

    The first false Christian utopian scheme,
    Is prosperity’s give-to-get lie,
    Wealth comes from goods and services,
    Not the Ponzi-schemer’s cry!

    The second false Christian utopian scheme,
    Rapture’s selling of great fear!
    The doctrine is infantile and plain crazy,
    To mature: is why we’re here!

    The third false Christian utopian scheme,
    Is slouch-doctrine selling great laziness,
    Rome wasn’t built by this: but how lost!
    To do nothing: makes people penniless!

    The fourth false Christian utopian scheme,
    Is intellectual, emotional jabberwocky blindness,
    The kind that demagogues use shamelessly,
    To make sheep worship their behind-ness!

    Thus with these popular four doxies,
    Shepherds for one-hundred years raped sheep!
    While politicians enslaved minds,
    To progressive’s hidden-slavery power sweep!

    That’s why the Twenty-First Century,
    Looks so bleak!
    Theo-political ministers,
    Make us weep!

    The Orwellian people in charge,
    They get by well!
    But woe to the sheep-citizens,
    They live in hell!

    Antichrist rapture causes fear, and fear makes hell, not utopia!
    Antichrist prosperity causes greed, and greed makes hell, not utopia!
    Antichrist slouch-doxie causes immaturity, and immaturity makes hell, not utopia!
    Antichrist demagoguery causes mind-slavery, and mind-slavery makes hell, not utopia!
    Antichrist liberal progressivism causes destruction, and destruction makes hell, not utopia!

    Thus clerical tyranny combines,
    With political tyranny,
    To disavow Western Enlightenment,
    Unbeknownst: enslaving many!

    Tyrants of unobtainable utopian ideas,
    Demand non-deviation, are anti-historical,
    Need to campaign an expensive reality distortion,
    And believe critics to be heretical.

    Thus, rigid tyrannical clerics,
    Require monies as demonstration of loyalty,
    Thus, rigid tyrannical politicos,
    Need plebes to allege to their feudal royalty.

    Demented utopia leaders,
    Are incurious, non-inquiring and closed of mind,
    Western Enlightened souls,
    Are open to ethereal truth’s higher, tougher grind.

    Liberal concepts of utopia,
    Destroy Western Enlightenment’s good,
    Transparency, check and verify,
    Beware self-interest and idols of wood!

    Rapture, prosper, slouch, emotion ministers,
    And progressive politicians are all Pharaohs!
    Awaken to In That Day Teachings,
    Get free from enslavement! From them: fly like arrows!

    Utopian leaders, being not God, cannot obtain utopia,
    So they endlessly kick the can down the road,
    Creating woes and more woes of vile moral hazards,
    Leaders get the goods, the rest: a heavy load!

    Well then, that’s a large concept to swallow,
    Un-confessed, insidious, hidden clerical and political tyranny,
    Is the reason the world is financially fallow,
    But In That Day, God’s indwelt spirit and truth sets you free!

    Yes, In That Day,
    Multitudes shall see!
    What trapped them and,
    What sets them free!

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