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White Church refuses a Black wedding….in Mississippi

Full Story Here In brief, racism has no place in the body of Christ.  The pastor states he would be ran off if he allowed the union, thus he moved it.   To that I say, “‘gutless wonder”.  I will … Continue reading

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Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?

Like it or not, sports is the public deity of choice to worship for Americans.  Frankly, few could argue that there is not more emotion, financial investment, declaration of loyalty, and willingness to endure non-ideal weather and seating conditions for … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Tenacious Joy:
July 22 – a note of explanation I’ve tried to leave this post just as it was originally written because it was a heartfelt response after a very traumatic experience.  But I’m sometimes clumsy…

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He won’t send you to a hut in Africa, trust me-Jesus won’t ruin your life…

That was the phrase I heard as I listened to a preacher a few weeks ago.  Ironically, it was also the day before my sister, Kayla, left for South Sudan-Africa.  So it really stuck with me, did Jesus ruin her … Continue reading

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