White Church refuses a Black wedding….in Mississippi

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In brief, racism has no place in the body of Christ.  The pastor states he would be ran off if he allowed the union, thus he moved it.  

To that I say, “‘gutless wonder”.  I will pray for the pastor to lead this church, not follow their whims of sinful racism.

To be clear, the pastor’s role is to lead the church, not for the pastor to sooth the emotions and presuppositions of the body.  The words of the pastor should sting the body to shun sin, as well heal the pains of the church. 

For a church to not follow a pastor, who is following Scripture is sin. For them to threaten his employ FOR behaving biblically, is a dangerous thing indeed.

I will also pray for the church’s local association, state association, and the SBC. 
Each will surely need to respond. 

I recently had the privilege of getting to know the 2nd VP of the SBC, Dave Miller, who wrote regarding this, 

If they do not [repent], then the SBC, the MBC, and the Copiah County Baptist Association  should pass resolutions condemning this act of racism at their earliest opportunity, should refuse to seat messengers from this church at their meetings, and should take whatever steps are necessary to demonstrate to our black brethren and to the world at large that when we said we would no longer tolerate racism, we meant it!





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2 Responses to White Church refuses a Black wedding….in Mississippi

  1. A Liles says:

    I was taken back by the pastor’s comment about them running him off as well. I saw this article on WAVE3’s Facebook page the other day. Unfortunately their story lacked Dave Miller’s response, leaving the unchurched with a poor view of Baptist beliefs.

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