Why Everything you think you know about Islam might be wrong…

In the wake of the embassy attacks, phrases like “terrorists”, “Muslims”, “Followers of Islam” are once again being used to clump all Arabs and Muslims together, which kicks us off-

1. All Arabs are not Muslims, and all Muslims are not Arabs.

The easiest point in this is Jerusalem-You might have heard of The Christian Quarter, Those are Arab Christians, Palestinians to be precise-And many of them wonder why American Christians support their removal from Israel/Palestine, when they confess Jesus as Lord, and Israeli Jews do not.

Indonesia has the highest population of Muslims, followed by Pakistan, then India-Chew on that, of the three largest Muslim nations, only one is Arab.

2. Good Orthodox Muslims follow the Quran, But the Majority of Muslims are not Good Orthodox Muslims.

Most Muslims are animistic in belief, can’t recite a surah,  much less read a word of Arabic.  I’ll make no bones about it–Osama Bin Laden was as close to Muhammed as he could be, he followed the Quran to the best of his ability, let he who has ears hear.  However, most the Muslim population are not quite that dedicated to the Quran and many are simply nominal.Image

Think of it kinda like the your country Christian 2nd cousin.  He looks at porn, sleeps around, gets drunk, doesn’t go to church faithfully, and when he does-he doesn’t pay attention…But if you ask him, He’d declare proudly-He’s a “Christian”

He’s not so different from many “Muslim” men.  Maybe you’ve heard about Muslim homosexuality   or Eqyptian Temporary Marriages to children, or perhaps you forgot about the opium poppy fields of Afghanistan, Or did you forget where belly dancing came from? And yes, Muslims drink.

3. Muslims don’t hate America

Ok-take a time out, scream at me a few minutes, then read on….


Turkey has a democracy, Egypt used to, and Lebanon is a democratic Republic-so they must not hate freedom.  We’ve already discussed the various vices of some regions, so they must not hate “fun”.

To make a blanket statement that “Muslims hate America” because of the actions of what amounts to be a small percentage of the Muslim World, would be similar to stating “Baptists hate America” because of the Westboro foks.

Thousands of Muslims immigrate to the U.S. each year, and they don’t come to blow up anything, or deflower your young daughters…they love freedom, and they finally got away from that regime-Thank God.

Look,Image I know it’s easier to demonize then villianize an entire group of people…It’s alot easier to sleep over their pain or death if they mean nothing because they are soulless monsters.  But their not soulless.

In fact, God was pretty awesome to include some non-Jew Arab types in the lineage of Jesus (Issa in Arabic).  It is also quite telling that He sent a star to Arabs from “the East”…grab a map and take a seat, because God loved Arabs so much that He revealed Himself to them, before any white folk.

And if you’re still an Arab Muslim hating “Christian” please don’t read Isiah 60 and do homework on who Midian, Ephah, Sheba and Kedar are…I’d hate for you to know which nations the Messiah exults to see come to Him.

What the Muslim world needs more than justice, is the Gospel.  And if you are a Christian, would you have lliked to recieve God’s justice, before the Gospel saved you?


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Matt needs more Jesus...just like you. He writes to encourage thinking and the expansion of the Kingdom
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3 Responses to Why Everything you think you know about Islam might be wrong…

  1. Beautiful with an amazing message. I especially love the first point, because, as a Christian, I have argued it to my family many times. Naim Stefan Ateek hits it home with scripture. I think if people would be willing to get to know some people from across the aisles, the harder it would be to hate them for their difference. I also think that as a faithful individual I more than anyone should respect that same faithfulness in another, even if it’s not in my line of faith.This is important. But why the whiteness? We don’t need to add to it…

  2. Watchman says:

    Hey Pastor Matt,
    You said: “What the Muslim world needs more than justice, is the Gospel.”
    So when are you going over to preach it ?
    With all your pedigree it seems you are best qualified.
    Let me know how that works out…

  3. Occam says:

    Yes, please go on a misson to all or any of the ‘NORMAL AND SOULFUL” places you mentioned…we’ll pray for you.

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