Born in the Briar Patch

This morning, as I type before many are awake, there are a few who never slept.  Those I’m thinking of were the ones who went through another South Mississippi tornado-and cleaned up all night.  This time hitting USM (THE University of Southern Mississippi.), the city of my birth.


This won’t get alot of national news, I mean you might get a a 10 second blip….but hey, It’s not like it was New Orleans or Mobile, it’s just that landmass between the two. (

Since leaving Mississippi over a decade ago, I have been regularly asked “why would anyone want to live there; because of like…hurricanes and stuff?”

Because clearly, if one were to move to one of those great states, like New York, they would have to deal with crime, high costs of living, and overbearing government regulations that cause migration OUT…but not hurricanes…..or blizzards…..right?

No, I’d take Mississippi over New York in a heartbeat, and here’s why-

Mississippians are born in the briar patch, we expect storms and know how to handle them.  We build what we can to weather some bad stuff,  then hold on because bad stuff comes.  Then rebuild and resupply.

In the midst of a hurricane, a hurricane party is not unheard of…because you might as well laugh- cause crying won’t help.  When you see some urban dwellers weeping and gnashing teeth when they get a natural disaster…it’s normal, but people are shocked when they see a interview like my dad, post tornado, talking about blessings. 

Real Christianity is that way; when your saved from storms, then given strength to endure one after another, after another after another, not only are you able to cope with emergent situations better than those who live as if life is meadows and rainbows, but you are prepared, when others are not.

Few realize that Mississippi was his harder than New Orleans in Katrina, and few will notice that Mississippi pulls herself through this storm….again.

It has been said that the true church is an anvil which has worn many hammers, and that is true.  Endurance is the hallmark of greatness.  From my faith to  my home state, I’m grateful I was born in the briar patch.

I pray you will endure the storms you face today…and tomorrow.


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Matt needs more Jesus...just like you. He writes to encourage thinking and the expansion of the Kingdom
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