I’m so spiritual, I don’t obey half the Bible…

and I kinda look down on you for trying to.

Ok, I usually don’t say it this way, nor do my friends.  Usually, it’s something along the lines of..

“keep the big things the big things”

or worse…

“The gospel is the most important thing!” (most people mean justification/ repentance and faith when they say this)

-True, but if it was the only thing- Scripture (and Jesus, if you’re into the whole “What Jesus said is more important than the rest of Scripture” baloney)    would never discuss anything else.  But it does, in fact-

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” 2 Tim 3:16

Scripture is full of application for every situation from politics, parenting, refugee relief, concealed carry, abortion, stewardship (how you handle God’s money), and war…No, if the gospel

Jesus talked more about money than He did heaven or hell…combined.  Let your normal pastor try that, and fairly soon somebody would feel ‘called elsewhere’ or ‘burdened to redirect the sermon content…or the pastors employment’  or spiritualize some other way to ignore the Bible.

The Gospel is not getting saved

There, I said it.  If you bristled at that, chances are your not as spiritual as you thought.

Jesus’ gospel content was the “gospel of the kingdom”.

At the very least that means there is-

Good News (gospel)



King’s (king-)

Domain (dom)

So if the King’s domain ended when one personally repented and believed (justification) then you should just go straight to heaven (glorification).. and have no need to remain on this earth to be part of expanding the Kingdom- inwardly or socially (sanctification).

The Gospel is become a citizen of Heaven, then maturing as such until the Kingdom is fully expanded.

But it doesn’t end there…

Believers are called to be salt and light, a city on a hill.  To reflect the nature of Christ’s rule.  And while “God is Love”, God is also terrifying,

It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Heb 10:31

He is also righteous and wrathful

“God is a righteous judge and a God who shows His wrath every day. ” Ps. 7:11

And for you or I to act as if “Jesus loves you so much, He wants to be with you forever” is the fullness of the Gospel, is what was called Heresy a long time ago.

You and I have been sin terrorists against God and His righteousness, and His Judgment requires you to suffer His wrath (Bad News), but the Good News (gospel) is that The King offers forgiveness, and eternal life to those who renounce their allegiance to sin, and swear their lives to the Jesus. He then empowers them to live as citizens…all of that is motivated by His love.

That’s a far cry from “Jesus loves you so much, He wants to be with you forever. Do you love Him do you want to be His friend, if you do then don’t be afraid to take him by the hand”…Check Yes or No?

So what Now?

So when Kim Davis, whose life was changed AFTER  her sins of Divorce, refuses to issue licenses with HER NAME ON THEM endorsing an action that is contrary to her belief and conviction, and refused to issue ANY at all to heterosexual couples to not discriminate

-seeking to honor all- the SC ruling (nondiscrimination) , Kentucky State law (forbidding homosexual marriage), and her conscious

Please don’t act as if she were as spiritual as you she only let the light of her conviction shine in a private setting.

When people protest Planned Parenthood and share the honest truth in videos or posters about what abortion “is”, seeking to dissuade women from killing their children, or not using their tax dollars to subsidize the killing of children-

Please don’t act as if they are “offensive” and should seek a better way to stop the killing of humans.

When believers are concerned about economics globally and nationally-

Please don’t act as if they should focus more on heaven…maybe they are trying to be like Jesus??

There was a time that believers thought that rational thought, and discussion were actually a good thing.

Iron sharpening Iron is a concept of rough confrontation between two hard surfaces…and it is described as a good thing!

Or that disagreement in areas that Christians have liberty is actually permissible!

Unfortunately, we have become dismissive of our brothers and sisters— Which is great for Facebook…but not so much for Citizens of the Kingdom.

Yes, the Gospel is the primary thing, but if you act as if it’s the only thing you’ve missed the Kingdom by a mile.


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